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Halperin, Christina

Assistant Professor


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Halperin, Christina

Research expertise

Christina Halperin’s research examines ancient Maya politics from the perspectives of household political-economies, gender, materiality and everyday life.  She has published extensively on topics such as Classic Maya textile production, ceramic figurines, chemical analysis of polychrome pottery, and landscape archaeology. Her book, Maya Figurines: Intersections between State and Household (University of Texas Press, 2014), examines the relationship between households and the state through the perspective of small ceramic figurines recovered from household contexts. She is also co-editor of the book, “Mesoamerican Figurines: Small-Scale Indices of Large-Scale Social Phenomena” (2009), which was awarded a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title.  More recently, her interests in household archaeology have led her to edit and contribute to the book, Vernacular Architecture of the Pre-Columbian Americans (2017, Routledge, edited with Lauren Schwartz), which showcases the diversity of more modest architecture in the Ancient Americas with case studies from the Andes, Mesoamerica, the U.S. Southwest and the U.S. Southeast.  


Halperin has conducted archaeological field investigations, laboratory analysis, and museum research at numerous sites in Guatemala, Mexico, and Belize since 1997.  Currently, she is directing the Proyecto Arqueológico Ucanal in Petén, Guatemala to investigate cosmopolitan interactions during the wake of Classic Maya political collapse. 

Areas of expertise


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