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Badescu, Iulia

Assistant Professor


  • Telephone 514-343-7568 Pav. PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. \ Ext. C-3022
Badescu, Iulia

Areas of expertise





I, Katzenberg MA, Watts D and Sellen D. In Review. Plateauing

lactation provides a steady dietary base for chimpanzee infants while they

gradually attain nutritional independence. Proceedings

of the National Academy of Sciences tracking number: 2017-12272





I, Watts D, Katzenberg MA and Sellen D. 2016. Alloparenting

is associated with reduced maternal lactation effort and faster weaning in wild

chimpanzees. Royal Society Open Science 3:

160577 DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160577





I, Katzenberg MA, Watts D and Sellen D. 2016. A

novel fecal stable isotope approach to determine the timing of age-related

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I, Wikberg

EC, Macdonald LJ, Fox SA, Vayro JV, Crotty A and Sicotte P. 2016. Infanticide

pressure accelerates infant development in a wild primate. Animal Behaviour 114: 231-239 DOI: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2016.02.013





I, Sicotte P, Ting N and Wikberg EC. 2015. Female parity, maternal

kinship, infant age and sex influence natal attraction and infant handling in a

wild colobine (Colobus vellerosus).

American Journal of Primatology 77:

376-387 DOI:





Sicotte P, Teichroeb JA, Vayro JV, Fox SA, Bădescu I and Wikberg EC. 2015. The

influence of male takeovers on female dispersal in Colobus vellerosus. American

Journal of Primatology 79: n/a: e22436 DOI: 10.1002/ajp.22436




Wikberg EC, Teichroeb JA, Bădescu I and Sicotte P. 2013. Individualistic

female dominance hierarchies with varying strength in a highly folivorous

population of black-and-white colobus. Behaviour

150: 295-320 DOI:





Teichroeb JA, Wikberg EC, Bădescu I, Macdonald LJ and Sicotte P. 2012.

Infanticide risk and male quality influence optimal group composition for Colobus vellerosus. Behavioral Ecology 23(6): 1348-1359 DOI: