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Guy Lanoue – Chair
514 343-6560

Isabelle Cagiotti – Executive Assistant
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Badescu, Iulia Assistant Professor Primatology PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3022 514-343-7568 Upload the vCard of Badescu, Iulia
Bates, Karine Associate Professor Legal anthropology

India and South Asia
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3040 514-343-6813 Upload the vCard of Bates, Karine
Bealcovschi, Simona Elena Visiting Researcher

Coordonnatrice de(s) lab(s).
Upload the vCard of Bealcovschi, Simona Elena
Beaucage, Pierre Professor Emeritus PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3069 514-343-6111 #1241 Upload the vCard of Beaucage, Pierre
Bernier, Bernard Full Professor Japan, social change PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3038 514-343-5807 Upload the vCard of Bernier, Bernard
Bibeau, Gilles Professor Emeritus Upload the vCard of Bibeau, Gilles
Bousquet, Marie-Pierre Full Professor Indigenous people

Native Canadians, First Nations
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3076 514-343-2152 Upload the vCard of Bousquet, Marie-Pierre
Burke, Adrian Full Professor Archaeology

First Nations
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3104 514-343-6111 #51714 Upload the vCard of Burke, Adrian
Burke, Ariane Full Professor Archaeology

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3073 514-343-6574 Upload the vCard of Burke, Ariane
Caroso, Carlos Visiting Researcher Upload the vCard of Caroso, Carlos
Cattin, Florence Visiting Researcher Upload the vCard of Cattin, Florence
Chapais, Bernard Professor Emeritus Behavioural primatology

Biological evolution of human behaviour
Upload the vCard of Chapais, Bernard
Chapdelaine, Claude Professor Emeritus Prehistoric archaeology Upload the vCard of Chapdelaine, Claude
Colpron, Anne-Marie Visiting Researcher

Upload the vCard of Colpron, Anne-Marie
Cook, Katherine Assistant Professor Archéologie

Archéologie publique
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3075 514-343-2151 Upload the vCard of Cook, Katherine
Côté, Daniel Adjunct Professor Occupational rehabilitation

Disability prevention
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3010 514-288-1551 #229 Upload the vCard of Côté, Daniel
Crépeau, Robert Full Professor Ethnology

Native American studies
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3074 514-343-7193 Upload the vCard of Crépeau, Robert
Drapeau, Michelle Associate Professor Paleoanthropology

Human evolution
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3048 514-343-6490 Upload the vCard of Drapeau, Michelle
Emongo, Lomomba Adjunct Professor Upload the vCard of Emongo, Lomomba
Fleming, Luke Assistant Professor Ethnolinguistics Upload the vCard of Fleming, Luke
Fortin, Sylvie Full Professor Anthropology of medicine

Anthropology of health
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3071 514-343-5743 Upload the vCard of Fortin, Sylvie
Gates-St-Pierre, Christian Assistant Professor Archaeology

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3092 514-343-6111 #51711 Upload the vCard of Gates-St-Pierre, Christian
Giguère, Hélène Visiting Researcher Upload the vCard of Giguère, Hélène
Gravel-Miguel, Claudine Visiting Researcher Upload the vCard of Gravel-Miguel, Claudine
Haince, Marie-Claude Visiting Researcher Anthropologie de l'Afrique du Nord et du Moyen-Orient

Upload the vCard of Haince, Marie-Claude
Hall, Ingrid Associate Professor Ethnology

Environmental anthropology
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3077 514-343-6111 #51712 Upload the vCard of Hall, Ingrid
Halperin, Christina Assistant Professor Prehistoric archaeology

Material culture
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3108 514-343-6111 #1532 Upload the vCard of Halperin, Christina
Lanoue, Guy Chair

Full Professor
The imaginary (muséums, images, time, perspective, ideologies, memory, nostaglia)

Urban studies (Rome, Italie, Western Europe)
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3075 514-343-2151 Upload the vCard of Lanoue, Guy
Le Gall, Josianne Adjunct Professor Upload the vCard of Le Gall, Josianne
Leavitt, John Full Professor Ethnolinguistics

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3106 514-343-5808 Upload the vCard of Leavitt, John
Loewen, Brad Full Professor Historical and maritime archaeology PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3094 514-343-7331 Upload the vCard of Loewen, Brad
Meintel, Deirdre Full Professor Contemporary religions and spirituality

PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3072 514-343-7522 Upload the vCard of Meintel, Deirdre
Minn, Pierre Assistant Professor Medical anthropology PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3100 514-343-6593 Upload the vCard of Minn, Pierre
Monette, Yves Adjunct Professor

Visiting Researcher
Upload the vCard of Monette, Yves
Olazabal, Jean Ignace Adjunct Professor Anthropology of the elderly and aging

Aging baby boomers
PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT - 360 514-343-6111 #2846 Upload the vCard of Olazabal, Jean Ignace
Pandolfi, Maria Rosaria Full Professor Cultural and social anthropology PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3036 514-343-5626 Upload the vCard of Pandolfi, Maria Rosaria
Pantaleon, Jorge Associate Professor PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3022-1 514-343-5999 Upload the vCard of Pantaleon, Jorge
Pérusse, Daniel Full Professor Biological anthropology PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3028 514-343-6565 Upload the vCard of Pérusse, Daniel
Prieto Martinez, Maria Pilar Visiting Researcher Upload the vCard of Prieto Martinez, Maria Pilar
Ribot, Isabelle Associate Professor Bioarchaeology PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3069 514-343-6571 Upload the vCard of Ribot, Isabelle
Riel-Salvatore, Julien Associate Professor PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3068 514-343-7334 Upload the vCard of Riel-Salvatore, Julien
Tavares, Fatima Visiting Researcher Upload the vCard of Tavares, Fatima
Tuite, Kevin J. Full Professor Ethnolinguistics PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C-3102 514-343-6111 #51713 Upload the vCard of Tuite, Kevin J.
White, Bob Full Professor Popular culture

Intercultural communication
PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. - C3080-1 514-343-7329 Upload the vCard of White, Bob