49th Algonquian Conference

The 49th Algonquian Conference will take place from 27-29 October 2017 at the University of Montreal. The conference organizers are Marie-Pierre Bousquet (Indigenous Studies Program, Department of Anthropology, UdeM) and Jimena Terraza (Institute of Cognitive Sciences, UQAM).

This international Conference is a meeting for researchers from diverse countries and disciplines who are interested in Algonquian peoples, a large group represented in Canada and the United States.

The event is organised with the collaboration of:

Box, probably mi’kmaq, mid-20th century, ethnographic collection, UdeM

Registration for the conference is now open. You can register at:

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Please note that no cash will be accepted to pay the registration fees before and during the conference.

The conference bags have been handmade by the Migona handicraft cooperative, from the Anicinape community of Kitcisakik.